Engineering Solutions

Component Provision and Engineering Solutions

We offer engineering solutions outside our normal gamut of products, to enable the provision of everything from bespoke components to sub-assemblies and pre-wired systems, drawing expertise across many engineering disciplines.

We can also offer product sourcing management to national and multi-national companies, as well as the complete management of manufacturing inventory and bills of machinery.

Our wide range of clients for our standard products gives us experience and feedback from all quarters of the electronic and electro-mechanical world, and our own wide manufacturing base gives us experience and knowledge in even more fields, from metal machining, casting and tool-work to thermoplastic processes.

Typical Problems Arising in Industry

  • Conflicting product databases at different branches of the same firm causes inventory confusion.
  • Components becoming obsolete inflates stock-holding costs.
  • Out-of-order inventories leading to unnecessary time-wasting and expense.
  • Lack of immediate information and strategy regarding alternative components.

We have solutions to these problems

We can help you out with the perfect electronic component engineering service solutions. Many suppliers ask for our assistance in the following areas:

  • Providing technical clarifications on various parts and components.
  • Overcoming technical issues in the designs of such components.
  • Identifying direct substitutes or alternative parts to critical parameters.
  • Provide help in building their Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • To follow up and progress external design requirements, samples etc.

What makes us different?

We study feedback from design engineers and make additional, informed recommendations on non-engineering parameters, such as:

  • Assessment of the key attributes of the products in comparison with the products of the competitors.
  • Highlighting reasons for the ‘Designed-In’ nature, or otherwise, of the product.
  • Observing prevailing and perceived processes and practices of the clients or suppliers company and their corporate image etc.

We aim to provide total turnkey solutions wherever possible