About CHK



“CHK Electronics Ltd is dedicated to providing good quality products at competitive prices. We pride ourselves in our customer service, and we take care to ensure that our customers are attended to in a friendly and professional manner. All of us at CHK work as a team to achieve a mutually beneficial and enjoyable working relationship for ourselves and our customers” - Andy Brunt, President.  



CHK Electronics Ltd. was formed in 2010 with the technical support of a pioneer in plastic injection moulding, electromechanical component design and manufacturing, and with over half a century of experience – Mr. Derek Souch.

Together with his business partner Albert ‘Monty’ Montague, Derek founded his factory in 1964 on Telscombe Cliff, near Brighton, East Sussex, England.

Derek and Monty set up their factory to supply a wide range of 6.35mm (1/4”) and 3.5mm (1/8”) Jack Sockets, Terminal Binding Posts, Control Knobs, Plastic Moulded Parts and other associated components to professional audio and musical instrument manufacturers throughout the world. These included brands such as Sinclair Radionics, British Radio Corporation, Vortexion, Jim Marshall, Vox (UK), Tandberg Radio (Norway), Elfa Radio (Sweden) and Framus Guitars (Germany).

CHK Electronics Ltd. is pleased to have had Derek’s contribution in assisting us to setup our company in Hong Kong, and his knowledge and experience was very helpful especially on the production side. Our mission is to continue in his tradition by being leading innovative designers and market leaders in the manufacture and supply of electromechanical components, and we service many of Derek and Monty’s original clients, as well as a rapidly growing “new client” list.

We have our own manufacturing facility in South East China which enables us to stay competitive in all areas of production. We have moulding machines of various sizes and insert moulding facilities and we also have stamping and auto lathe production of turned parts, with the facilities needed for the manual assembly of components. We work closely with our customers to design and manufacture custom components and moulded parts.